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Our Web Design service will help you focus on doing what you do best. Running a successful business.

Why do you need a Web Designer?

Bugwire Designers are trained in the complex art of graphic design, digital marketing, market analysis and search engine optimization. Due to this, our designers don’t just create a website, we create YOUR website. You will be able to sleep easy knowing that your website is optimized to your clients.

What Do Our Web Designers Provide?

SEO Optimized Content

Without high quality content, a website is pretty useless. For this reason, our designers seek out resources to help them create optimized content consistently. Altogether, good content will guide clients to your website, great content will make them stay.

Mobile Responsive Design

Currently (2021), 54.8% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. By comparison, in 2010 mobile web traffic was only at 3%. It has been predicted that nearly 75% of all website traffic will come from mobile devices by 2025. Given these points, responsive design is more important than ever when trying to connect with 100% of your clients.

Modern Graphic Design

When a customer is viewing your website, the last thing they want to see is an outdated design. Although you can’t update your website every time trends change. Our designers work hard to make stay on top of the trends so that your website maintains its value as long as possible.

Comprehensive Pricing Model

Just The Basics

Perfect for a small startup or business with a low profit margin just trying to gain an online presence. Start out with a small price tag and hire us later to add new pages and features later.

Landing Page That Sells
Contact and About Pages
2 Service or Informational Pages
Website Maintenance Mini Training
SEO and Site Speed Plugins
Full Ownership of Your Website
Ongoing Support for Your Questions
Discounts on Future Maintenance and Services

Pricing Starting As Low As


All The Bells and Whistles

Are you looking to grow your online presence and start securing those leads you keep missing out on. Customize your experience however you please. 

All The Perks of Our Base Package
Full Custom Design Mockup
Additional Review Checkpoints
E-Commerce Integration
Blog Integration
Client Management Software Integration
Additional Features by Request

Pricing Varies, Contact a Bugwire Professional Today to Schedule a Consultation!

Always Available
Optional Features


How Much Does it Cost to Build A website?

On average a website will cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Regardless, websites can cost as little as $100 and in some extreme cases hundreds of thousands of dollars for large corporations that contain a high risk factor. Web designers all charge different rates depending on various factors such as skill, experience and design strategies.

When choosing a web designer, it is always recommended to consider rate of return along with maintenance costs. For example, a $500 website means nothing more than money in a bonfire if it provides a bad customer experience. likewise if a website costs an arm and a leg to maintain, you’re better off not having one in the first place. Bugwire Digital works to provide affordable websites without the high cost by utilizing WordPress and Elementor that allow us to focus on the design and content of your website instead of the nitpicky code.

Our quotes traditionally range from $750 for a simple service based business website. In Contrast, a more complex website that integrates various specific pages and features for optimizing customer experience can cost upwards of $4,000. When consulting a Bugwire Professional, let us know your budget and what you are looking for and we will work to give you the most that we can for your money.

Is Website Hosting Provided by my Designer?

Traditionally, web designers and developers do not provide hosting. though this may not be true for all designers, it is not common practice. Certainly, it would be great if designers could provide hosting, but the skills and infrastructure costs of hosting do not correspond with those of web design. 

However, If you were worried we would make you learn on your own, you would be very wrong. Despite not having our own servers, we are happy to help you find a hosting service and even help launch your website for you. Having a website without hosting is like having pie without ice-cream. Its just not as enjoyable.

To learn more about various hosting options we recommend you check out The Best Shared Hosting Plans. We highly recommend Shared hosting plans for those launching their first sites and smaller businesses that are still growing their audience. 

Why Can’t I Design My own Website?

The short answer is, anyone can design their own website.  It’s no surprise that small businesses owners choose to design their own website. Regardless of the benefets of hiring a web Designer, it comes at a cost and many businesses are not confident in spending that kind of money. If you are choosing to design your own website our professionals have comprised a list of various concepts that are worth reading about before you start designing.

  • WordPress and Elementor
  • Responsive Design and Navigation
  • Modern Design Theory
  • Color and Font Selection
  • Search Engine Optimization

In reality,  this is just the start of the concepts and theories that professionals utilize when creating websites. However, this should give you a slight edge when it comes to designing a website on a budget. If you decide later on that you would rather spend the money and save your self the time and hassle of learning, we recommend that you have a site professionally built for you. If you decide that you would rather spend the money, We would be happy to help create the website of your dreams. Schedule a free consultation to receive a quote to determine if a professional designer is right for you.

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