Learn about The Bugwire Digital Core Values

At Bugwire Digital we work hard to stay true to our core values of Family, Kindness and Adaptability to assist in providing the best service we can.

BugWire Digital Is More Than Just Web Design

A Goal To Help Small Businesses

Corey and Tony Started Bugwire with the goal to help small businesses grow and flourish. We believe that the small businesses of today will be the large corporations of tomorrow. We strive to pass on our morals of Family, Kindness and Adaptability to our clients in hopes that we can help do our part in redefining what it means to be a business owner.

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What Bugwire means to us

Family is one of the core values at Bugwire, We believe that no matter how much time you spend on your business, you should always make time for your family. Bugwire is a nickname that Corey’s Grandpa gave to him and stands as a symbol to remind us to treat our team members and clients as family. 

Standing Behind Our Core values?




Strive To Be a Better Business

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Lead the Industry in Completive Wages

Never Stop Learning New Concepts

Deliver Award winning Designs

Give Back to the Community

Be Generous in Charitable Giving

Bugwire Behind The Screens

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Corey Turner

Web Designer, Developer and SEO Expert with a passion for small businesses management

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Tony Hintze

Web Designer, Developer and E-Commerce Expert With a passion for pushing the limits in Digital Marketing

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